therapeutic water for immersive relaxation

Spas, Jacuzzis & Hot Tubs are generally an adult level upgrade, however spas are a massive hit with kids also. The shallow ledge space creates a great area for kids to play their Marco Polo Game, but really spas are a social space to unwind.

There’s something about soaking in hot water with the jets kneading your sore muscles, its like the stress of the day just melts away.The transition from the hot water in the spa to the cooler water in the pool is so invigorating enjoyed all year round.

Spas are the focal point in the pool area often designed with tile features, or maybe an overflow water feature or even glass walls. The essentials for spas include seating, the jets, bubbles and hot water.

Winner of the Master Builders NSW Award for spas open category

Our Oatlands swimming pool and landscape project pool was the proud recipient of the Master Builders NSW Award for concrete spas.


Unit 61, 5 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154


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